Who's that girl?

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Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom
jef to some, jen to others, jennifer if in trouble. 26. Glaswegian. lefty. clarinet tooter/singer/egg-shaker in the second hand marching band + TGC 'artist'.

who's that girl?

The name's Jef, or Jen (or Jennifer if I'm in trouble). Different names mean different things to different people.

I've lived in Glasgow, Scotland, for most of my life. I graduated in 2012 with an MA in French and have yet to find a job that puts this to good use. I currently work in the executive office of a mobile network, making dreams come true (or fending off angry people).

I play in a band called the second hand marching band and contribute so-called artwork to an all-female Scottish comic collective called Team Girl Comic.

Visit my tumblr, follow me on twitter, or read about my various adventures and misdeeds right here. Including - but not restricted to - travelling the world and working the jobs required to make it possible.

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